The Differences Between Marble and Granite Countertops

Both marble and granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom and they have a number of similarities. The big question many homeowners ask is 'What are the differences?', and since both are natural stone it may even be hard for some homeowners to tell the difference. We have put together these few pointers to help you decide on marble versus granite countertops.

Marble countertops are mined from a different type of rock compared to granite so there are definitely some differences between the chemical components of the two. Marble slabs often show 'veins' within the pattern of the countertop. In addition, marble slabs can often be lighter in color, especially the ivory patterns. Both marble and granite are very durable but granite is a slightly harder material. In addition, marble is more porous than granite so you need to be very careful about acidic foods or items on marble surfaces as they will damage the stone. Price to install marble ranges from $100 per square foot on the low end up to $200 per square foot on the high end.

Granite countertops on the other hand are mined from an igneous rock, which is slightly harder than the metamoprhic rock that marble is taken from. Since granite is harder it is less leckly to show scratches, dents, and chips compared to marble but both are extremely durable. Granite countertops tend to show grains and speckles of rock rather than the vein-like pattern shown by marble. Granite is also a terrific option to use in either the kitchen or bathroom. Price ranges from $75 to $175 for the top range of granite slabs.

Both marble and granite countertops are excellent and elegant choices. They both need to be well maintained by sealing the surface every couple of years to prevent any type of damage to these expensive stones. Installation is usually done by professional countertop contractors or companies due to the complexity in sourcing and sizing the slabs of stone as well as the intricate measurements needed to properly install the product. Always be sure to contact multiple contractors so that you can compare quotes and get the best price!