Common Reasons to Hire a Countertop Company

Installing, replacing, or repairing kitchen or bathroom countertops is a very technical job that often requires trained professionals of the countertop trade. Remodeling projects including countertops also need experienced contractors to often perform the work. Installing or remodeling countertops is a complex job not only because of the intricate measurements and framing of the countertops and cabinets but also because countertops are often extremely heavy and fragile (marble, granite, or other stone) and one mistake could be very costly. Here are some of the many common jobs performed by professional countertop contractors and companies.

  • Guidance on type of countertop - A professional can help you select the best style to fit your budget and needs including formica, granite, marble, tile, etc. They will also help you with layout of your countertops for any type of remodeling project.
  • Installation - Let the pros handle the installation of your countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas. Most countertop companies also install and reface cabinets so you could strike a good deal by hiring one company for the entire project.
  • Repair - Got cracks, fissures, or breaks? Repairing countertops, especially natural stone is a difficult job that requires specific tools and products. In addition, formica or laminate damage requires professional help as well. It's not worth the risk of damaging your existing countertops even further by trying to repair them yourself.

Not only can countertop companies help with any type of countertop installation or repair, but they also install, resurface, and repair kitchen cabinets most of the time. Since both countertops and cabinets are very costly it's recommoneded you seek a professional contractor to perform any work on these projects. Always contact a handful of companies so that you can get the best price.